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1 November 2007

Why I like the SICP book

by admin

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is turning out to be a rather awesome read. What makes it so cool for me is that I’m taking a class in Numerical Analysis, and in sections 1.2 and 1.3 the examples read like something right out of the class. The really odd thing for me is that this “double teaming” of my brain is paying off in that I’m learning the Lispy things, and at the same time I’m learning the Numerical things. Each one builds on the other, reenforcing the lessons learned. Very recursive, just like Lisp. One of the things I have learned just today is that loops are actually allowed in Lisp. All of the recursive thinking I’ve been doing lately has made me think that there’s always a way too write a loop in a recursive manner. But, I was looking at Neville’s Method the other day and it struck me that with it’s nested loops, that could be quite a challenge to write it in a recursive manner. While trying to find an example of nested loop in Lisp, I found all kinds of cool links I thought I would share:

Go check them out, they are great resources!