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11 October 2009

Rate-my-resume.com is now live

by admin

In my last post, I put up a link to a little project I’ve been working on. I finally got around to giving it a proper name. (re)Introducing: Rate-my-resume.com Now if you are wondering if your resume is a good match for a particular job posting, you can use my site to find out! At the moment I’m giving the score in terms of 0 (being a total non-match) to 100 (being the absolute perfect match). In this economy, the more your resume reflects the skills listed in a particular job, the more likely your resume will be looked at seriously. If you run your resume through and it gives you a low score, look at your resume and the job posting and try and figure out what keywords are in the job posting that are not in your resume. Then, assuming you have the necessary experience, put those keywords into your resume! Be sure to add them in a way that makes sense to a person, after all humans (especially HR people) don’t like to read fragments and words peppered into someone’s resume. Try out the site with your resume and see how you rank! p.s. Python rocks!