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1 August 2016

Finding a development job you will love

by nickadmin

Finding a development job you will loveRecently a friend asked about where to find some employees for a company she is working at. Some others had suggested the usual job sites, but when I looked at them and had a flash of insight: These are jobs, but will she find the right people there? Where do the good developer look for new jobs? How do you find a development job you will love? Lets investigate! The usual job sites will get you the usual results. To get extraordinary results, you need to work outside of the box a little bit.

Where the wild things are

People like to hang out with people like them. This fact can lead to bad things, but it can also lead to great communities. Key #1: Find the people you want to be like, find where they are, and hang out with them. This sounds simplistic, but it really does work. As you hang out (be it in real life or on line somewhere) you will begin to interact with the crowd. You will learn more about what they do, how they do it, and importantly: where they do it. This is a fantastic way to discover where the best places to work are. Great people will flock to great places. Likewise, they will avoid places that are.. “less than great”

I said “less than great” because saying “bad” or “awful” isn’t totally accurate. There are places that are perfectly fine for most people to work out, but if you go there you will be disappointed. By spending time with like minded people you will get a better feel for these situations over time.

Additionally this is a great way to learn about trends. For example, software developers are always on the look out for new tools that can help them. By checking in with a group you can get feedback faster than simply trying out things on your own. Also, you are more likely to learn about the new things faster. But why is this?

Networking is key

Hanging out with the crowd you want to be with sounds like a great way to learn things. It is, but what it is also doing is building your network.  Key #2: Your network is your most powerful asset. There’s an old adage that says “It isn’t what you know, but who you know.” That little phrase contains so much truth it hurts. The best jobs do not come from the want ads. The best jobs come from people who know you and can see how you would fit into a certain job at a certain company. It is like going to a party: Fore most people, If you know some of the people at the party, you will have an easier time striking up a conversation. If you don’t know anyone, you’re going to feel awkward for a little while until you make a connection. Job hunting is the same way: If someone can introduce you to someone they know (or their company) then the odds are that job will be a better fit. If nothing else, you are more likely to get an interview for the “right” job instead of both sides having to work to figure out where you would fit in their organization. For software developers this means cutting down on the iteration time, and jumping straight to the end result: a development job you will love.

Presenting the best you

Of course, simply finding the right company is not enough. Sure, they might know a little bit about you via a mutual contact, but you still need to make sure that they know you are the real deal! This is highly dependent on the situation you are in, but here are some good guidelines to follow:

‘Till next time

Use this information to find a development job you will love. Once you do your whole outlook on everything will change for the better. Life is too short to be unhappy for 8 hours a day!