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8 August 2016

More Experiments: Traffic thoughts

by admin

The greatest waste of time ever invented by humankind is sitting in traffic. My traffic thoughts? What a waste of time. Think about it. You are literally just sitting. There are very few things you can realistically do other than just sit. Talking on the phone is possible, but who wants to talk to someone who is stressed because of their sitting in traffic? Reading, exercise, playing… all of these things are unavailable to you because you have to wait for the person in front of you to move up a half a car length. One day as I found myself sitting in this situation, I had an inspiration about how I could turn this to my advantage. I would try my hand at video blogging. After a quick MVP video or two, I invested the $20 in getting a phone holder. Now when I get stuck in a traffic jam I hit the record button and bust out “traffic thoughts”. My thinking is that I just pick a topic (usually inspired by a podcast I just listened to or something I’ve read recently) and just go for it. I have no real set objective for this experiment. I record them when I hit traffic, and then I’m speaking I try to just go from the gut. When I get home I upload the videos to YouTube and do some minimal editing of the description. Things I’ve learned while doing this:

Be sure to check out my play list with all of these videos: Traffic Thoughts [embed]https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SNLjgybLH31lJOlqMu8jA2KyliA90yT[/embed]