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19 December 2016

From programmer to entrepreneur

by nickadmin

Programmers have a magic skill. They can make something out of nothing. Where before there was nothing, with a few clicks of the keys a program is born. Some programmers recognize this yet only create programs. Others see this and wonder “Hey, if I can make this, what else can I make?” I have fallen into the second group. And looking around I see all kinds of opportunities to create new things. Instead of waiting for someone to tell me what needs to be built I find myself asking questions like “What value does this bring to the organization?” I also find myself listening more when I hear people “complaining” about things. Instead of just nodding along I will start asking questions about what the core problem is and how it could be made better.

Programmer to Entrepreneur

Programmers have a tremendous opportunity in this day and age. We understand the technology, we see the possibilities. In the past starting a company or making a new product was quite the undertaking. But thanks to the malleability of software, those barriers are dissolving and leaving us with the gold opportunity to create solutions for people with problems. And this is something that most programmers don’t pick up on: Solving a problem for someone is a good thing. If they pay you for it, this is a great thing! Most developers are nervous about charging what they are worth. The reasons for this are worthy of a PhD thesis, but suffice it to say that a developer who is willing to put a price tag on their creation is going to make some money. Just take a look at Basecamp. Solves a problem? Yes. Charges for it? Yes. Making the developers a pretty penny? Oh yes! For myself, I have decided that it is time to join that group. My plans for the next year include making a profitable revenue generating business. If you think about it, programming is all about solving problems. Starting a business that people will pay you for is the ultimate puzzle. There are lots of other reasons to start a business, but sometimes the challenge itself is the main reason.

The future

We truly have the power to shape the world to be anything we want to be. I’m going to continue to use my powers to shape a world that I love. I hope you’ll follow me as I embark on this adventure. Going from a programmer to entrepreneur is a big step, but one that I think is well worth it. Let’s do this!