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23 July 2019

Recent reads

by nickadmin

Lately I’ve been spending a lot more time reading. There’s a ton of ideas out there, along with a bunch of garbage. (Translation: Don’t read the news kids) Here’s some things I’ve read and found interesting. These are things that have been catching my interest lately, including the IndieWeb movement, thinking, tools, and just being awesome.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a really old technology. Think of slack, but without emoji and gifs. But in that simplicity lies some great power. I recently ranted about my new fav tool Glowing Bear, and I keep finding that the tools and ethos around IRC jive really well with what I want out of networked computing. Here’s some things I’ve read along those lines:

Also, as a side note (and related to the section below), Mastodon is really interesting. I’m expecting that it will continue to gain popularity as sites like Twitter continue to struggle with their… issues.

For years I’ve wondered about giving our thoughts to other’s platform. If I think of something and type it up, I put it here on my blog. If I put it on medium.com or Facebook, then they could take it down at any time. I like the idea of owning my words, and the IndieWeb movement really appeals to me. I am working towards implementing more of the tools they are putting out.

Just awesome ideas

Here’s just some links of things I’ve run across that just have me star struck.

Wrapping up

One more quick link: I’ve been working on reading more lately and after seeing a cool site by Harper I was inspired to make my own page to show off what I’ve been tracking on Good Reads. Here’s my Reading List. What cool things should I be reading? Leave a comment or hit me up on twitter!