Possibility and Probability

A Python programmer with a personality thinking about space exploration

Software developer, space fanatic, and aspiring entrepreneur.

If I had to describe myself and interesting 3 phrases, I would probably choose those. Hi, I’m Nick and you have found my blog.

On this blog I’m keeping a public record of things I’ve tried, things I’m interested in (see the first sentance), and tidbits that I think might be helpful to others. I am really getting into space related things lately, so that is going to be my focus for the foreseeable future on this blog. I’m really interested in the intersection of space exploration, efficent computing, and AI.

I have a mailing list where every month I publish a list of the past months’ posts plus any interesting articles I’ve read recently. You should join!

By day I’m a software developer who works primarily in Python, and at night I sleep (hahahaha).

I’ve been described as “really helpful”, a “programmer with a personality”, and as “the guy who left 1 chip in the bag”. I’ve built a few things over the years, and I’m currently thinking about the next thing I could spend hours fretting about.

If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to email at nick @ ironboundsoftware.com

I am currently experimenting with Digital Minimalism so I’m not on social media as much any more. I did tweet, but that is just a copy of my pleroma account.