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17 March 2005

Sad news - Billy “Wicked” Wilson

by Nick

A few weeks ago I wondered that Billy Wilson was up to. I used to read VoodooExtreme every day way back when and he always cracked me up. His pimp-talk was classic and always gave me some new phrase to use. I still use the phrase “nyquil-vodka smoothie” from time to time.

And Billy also started doing interviews with developers which were always a hoot. Especially with folks like Brian Hook who kinda became a regular on the site. I learned a lot and was always, always entertained by these posts.

But eventually problems cropped up on the website and Billy left. After that the site was never the same. Billy started a new site GamingGroove, but it took a long time to take off, so I didn’t look at it for a long time. It kinda dropped off my radar, which is sad, I think the world can always use a laugh in the form of some good old fashioned pimp talk.

Sadly, Billy passed away on Monday March 14, 2005. I’m seriously bummed out by this, the internet is now a little less fun without him here. R.I.P. Billy.