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4 August 2005

A widget is born!

by Nick

I’m proud to announce that I have created a widget for the OS X Dashboard!

Its called PasswordMaker and it is designed to help you create reasonably secure passwords that are easier to remember. For example, when making a new password, people will usually pick something that they can remember like the name of their dog. The problem is that if your dog’s name is “Maddie” then there is a chance that a hacker could guess that word. Then the password is no good!

takes your word and “mangles” it so that it looks like the old word, but isn’t. Take the name “Maddie”. If you feed that into PasswordMaker it would produce “M8dDI3” or “M8ddIE” or even “MADdEYE3”. These suggestions make better passwords because they contain numbers, mixed case, and even special characters.

PasswordMaker is setup to be random, so you can feed in a word and hit the “Make a password” button several times until you get a combination that you like (i.e. one that you are sure you’ll be able to memorize).

Best of all, the widget is free! Can’t beat that price with a stick. So swing by my website and download it today !

Tags: OS X, Widgets