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17 September 2005

Hooking an iPod up to a Honda Civic Hybrid

by Nick

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while (I guess it never made it to my “To Do” list), a few months ago I installed a USASpec iPod Interface into my Honda Civic Hybrid. It is a neat little device that allows me to hook the iPod into the stock radio in the car, and control the iPod from the radio buttons (specifically, using the 6 disc changer buttons). I followed the directions I found on this site and they worked perfectly. In fact, with the pictures that Brad has of the installation he did on his car, this site is better than the instructions I found from Honda on the web. The only thing I did different was to pop the radio (and most of the center cluster) out of the dashboard in order to hook up the CD cable. The other bit of advice I would offer is to make sure that you have the cables securely plugged in before you put everything back together. I didn’t double check everything and the first time I fired it up, only the left side speakers were getting a signal. Additionally, instead of using the self-tapping screws that come with the interface module, I used zip ties to secure it to a metal crossbar that is behind the exterior panel that has the cigarette lighter on it.