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13 August 2006

Success begets success

by Nick

For me the best motivation is success. Kind of a vicious cycle, its hard to get motivated, but the motivations comes from success. No success, no motivation. How in the world can you get started if you can’t reach a starting point? I’ve found the key is to have a small easy-to-achieve goal. Something trivial. Implement a small helper function. Wash the dishes in the sink. go for a small walk (instead of sitting watching TV). Do one small blog post. ;) Accomplishing one thing, no matter how tiny is a small victory. And usually I wind up thinking “Well, it was easy to wash those dishes, I should wipe off the counter too, that will only take a second”. Before I know it, I usually accomplished a quite a few small things, and that usually adds up to a big thing. So the next time you are lacking motivation, just think of one or two small things you can knock out quickly and easily. (You do have a to-do list, right?) I’ll bet that getting a few things done will help motivate you to tackle the bigger jobs. And speaking of bigger jobs, I’m off to try and write a few methods to try and make a class or two spring to life.