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18 January 2007

The future of programming

by Nick

This is an interesting time to be in the world of computers. The web is becoming more and more to everyday computing for the average user. Applications are moving off the PC and onto the web. Hardware is getting faster and faster (check this out, 80 cores on 1 chip for less that 100 watts!), and things like Operating Systems are beginning to take a back seat in the grand scheme of things. With all of these changes coming around, I’m thinking that in the near future we programmers are going to have to start changing how we write our programs. We can no longer depend on gigahertz increases to drive the software faster. A point has been reached where the software needs to step up and be more efficient and utilize the new hardware more effectively. Along those lines, I ran across this very cool article today: Functional Programming For The Rest of Us Its a really good overview of functional programming and its many advantages (concurrency, etc.). With a lot of attention being placed on “functional” features in languages like Ruby, Haskell, Python, etc. this article is a good primer on what functional programming can do for you.