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19 February 2007

Fun with Python and Lisp

by Nick

Once you fight your way through all of the junk (photo’s, xkcd comics, etc.) on reddit, you’ll occasionally find some pretty interesting and enlightening things. A few days ago I saw this link to a Scheme interpreter in Python. I’ve always been interested in the Lisp family of languages, and this is one of them implemented in python. What a cool learning experience. After looking at that for a while I tried googling for some other examples and found this really awesome Lisp in Python implementation. Every so often I’ll think to myself “Wow, how hard can it be to make a language?” Then I’ll remember that it can be pretty damn hard (actually I remember my Programming Languages Concepts class, then I get the shakes thinking about all of the edge cases and other complications that you have to keep track of). Seeing something like these links is really educational for me, I get to see how two similar languages have been implemented (and thanks to the comments on programming.reddit.com) and how they could have been done differently.