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2 October 2019

Time and Money: Businesses for developers

by Nick

In a previous post, I gave some ideas on small businesses that a software developer could start. I also had another post that talked about the hardest part of starting a business. Today I want to share 2 very cool links that follow on to those posts.

The first is for the eternal question “Where do I find the time to do these things?!?”. Derek Sivers wrote a very short and to the point answer for this.

Where to find the hours to make it happen

Seriously, it is very short. Go read it. Then read it again.

Go and think about it. Then read it again.

Are you spending your time on the right things? If not, why not?

The next thing I found was this amazing peek into a developer who has started a business around educating people on computer topics via “zines”/cartoons. Julia Evans who recently decided to take a year off work to explore this business idea, shared her revenue numbers for this year.

It is incredible to see that she has produced something of value (I’m always referring people to her guides, they are so accessible), and she is being rewarded.

It is truly inspiring.

So ask yourself: “What do I know that others don’t?”.

The answer to that might just be the source of your business.