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19 October 2019

Remote Matcher Journal #9

by Nick

This is something new I’m trying: a journal recapping the work I’m doing on Remote Matcher which is my current side project. My goal with this is to do some public accountability so I’ll > keep moving forward on this project.

(Real talk: I’m passionate about the idea behind the project, but I seem to have some kind of mental block about getting work done on it. These blog posts are meant to apply pressure to me to report my progress publicly and move the project forward)


(Bottom Line Up Front)
Ugh, so little accomplished this week.

Last week(s) in review

Let’s look at the goals from last week and score them

  1. 20 new tweets – Half done
  2. Getting the posting page reworked (field layout, etc.) – Not Done
  3. Working on the Copywriting (sales page, front signup page) – Done

Score: 1.5/3 = 55% (I’m rounding up because the copywriting went well)

Such a lack luster week.

Technical issues

Work this week focused more on copy for the site. There was one technical thing that was planned but due to issues never happened. (It was a migration script, its a low priority task.)

Growing the business

More users

Four new signups this week!

This week I did come up with some new tweets that need to be rolled out so they can keep the content wheel going.

More money

Going to be honest here: Read some things about what other business types are doing and that got me thinking about what I am doing. Was then sad.

I need to step it up. It is not all about money, but money does prove that one is providing something of value. I would like to be one of those people.

Next steps

  1. More tweets, edit existing tweets, deploy tweets
  2. Getting the posting page reworked (field layout, etc.)
  3. Continue with copy writing for the front page and posting page.

Questions? Comments? Email me and ask away