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27 October 2019

Remote Matcher Journal #10

by Nick

This is something new I’m trying: a journal recapping the work I’m doing on Remote Matcher which is my current side project. My goal with this is to do some public accountability so I’ll > keep moving forward on this project.

(Real talk: I’m passionate about the idea behind the project, but I seem to have some kind of mental block about getting work done on it. These blog posts are meant to apply pressure to me to report my progress publicly and move the project forward)


(Bottom Line Up Front)
If this week had a flavor it would be weaksauce.

Last week(s) in review

Let’s look at the goals from last week and score them

  1. More tweets, edit existing tweets, deploy tweets – Done
  2. Getting the posting page reworked (field layout, etc.) – Mostly done
  3. Continue with copy writing for the front page and posting page. – Not done

Score: 1.75/3 = 58.33%

Such a lack luster week.

Technical issues

The major technical task this week was planned in advance, but had some urgency placed on it.

I’ve been using Typeform to do the gathering of information and then using Zapier to feed it along to other things. This week I got an email from Typeform telling they were restructuring things and that my limits were changing.

I don’t think I’m in danger of going over those limits at the moment, but since I was already planning to move away, it was time to pull the trigger.

The non-Typeform front page is in staging and looks ugly. But it works! Just needs more polish… but doesn’t everything?

Growing the business

More users

Not many signups this week. Only one I think? At any rate, I did re-launch the tweet campaign with new tweets. The twitter account does seem to get some traffic, but the numbers there aren’t anything to write home about.

In fact, I’m not really sure if I should look at those numbers. Does a large number of subscribers there actually mean anything? Its nice to have, but I am looking to serve people more directly than through (hopefully) entertaining and informative tweets.

More money

I think I’m close to just launching everything and letting the site accept orders.

I probably should just do it and get it over with.

Next steps

  1. Continue with work to replace the typeform stuff on the front page.
  2. Get sales page done

Questions? Comments? Email me and ask away